My weekend!

So, this wkn I’ve done more than I normally do. Normally, I just work! But this wkn I went out both Friday and sartuday, and I hated it both times. Seriously, going out in Copenhagen is like waste of good outfit and make-up plus time, cos it’s such a disappointment.
The Danes are so f?cking “let’s all f?cking look like we just got up the bad” meaning: They all dress up and look like sh*t! With the washed up t-shirt, and the “I’ve had it for 10 years jeans”! Are u f?cking kidding me? When are the Danes gonna drop the f?cking janteloven? Meaning, “we f?cking all need to be on the same level” and actually accept it’s okay to stand out and look good?! That’s not all… The get so f?cking drunk that not even one f?cking word can come out of there mouth… Not even a f?cking “haw’u doin’?”, and when I can’t have a conversation with someone I get mean… Which makes me… Yes that girl that stands on the corner not wanting no body to talk to her, and I have the “don’t even try cos I don’t give a f?ck look”. Once again I conclude, unless it’s going to be a party full of the Tyson Beckford(s) and the Brad Pitt(s) in suits and free dom perignon etc. IM NOT GOING! I’ll have my dates with my “I’ll never disappoint you” which is my computer!

Ps: I know there is always that 5% (of the Danes) that do know how to do it and do do it



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