Get healthy with me!

20140429-220342.jpgSummer it’s just around the corner, and bikini, beach, summer dresses season is coming! Are you comfortable with your body? If not, join me and my friend Chanel (yep, that’s her real name). We have decided to start on a healthy diet for a month! (Yes, a whole month!) meaning we are not going to eat anything that is unhealthy.
… Etc…
And we are going to work out minimum of 1 hour EVERYDAY! Don’t worry, we have one day off, and on that day we are allowed to have a/several cheat meal(s). (Meaning, a day where u don’t have to work out and you can eat anything you want!)
My workout plan: each day includes minimum 45 minutes of cardio.
-Monday&Wednesday: abs + back
-Tuesday&Thursday: legs + butt
-Friday: off
-Saturday&Sunday: upper body + arm days.
This is my workout plan, it works for me, you can shape yours just as you wish.
Are you new to the gym/working out? Take it easy, don’t start to hard. Get used to it first, than you can go hard.

It’s also important to know what you are working on, do you want to loose weight or built muscles? For me it’s all about the muscles, when I do the treadmill I usually walk on level 15 and speed 6, 45 minutes/1hour later, my legs and butt will be screaming for a new owner!

You wanna join but you don’t hit the gym? It’s fine! You can join. Just take long walks, go up and down stairs, and you can find tons of home workout videos on YouTube.

In a month, we’ll talk results 🙂20140429-220423.jpg


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