Get healthy with me, the results

I know the results are in a bit late, but… Yes, I’ve been busy with my exams.

I must admit, not being able to eat what ever you wanted was not easy and required a lot of discipline. Until I decided to do the diet I thought I was disciplined, but nope… It was hard! But it was a very learning experience. The most important lessons I’ve learned:

1. Happiness doesn’t come of restricting yourself from stuff (food), but to learn of them and to balance.

2. Gluten free is NOT healthier!! You won’t loose weight or get fit just because you switched your rice, pasta or bread to gluten free. If you are gluten intolerant, than it would make sense not to eat it, if you not… Rock on! The best idea is, you might wanna switch your bread, rice and pasta from
White to dark. That would make a difference, cos you’ll get full from small portions.

3. Bloated stomach? Detoxing your body is important! You drink water everyday, now… Instead of drinking just water, add some fruits and, or vegetable in it(I only use cucumber and or mint if I’m using vegetable).
The result, now… As for me, Cos I’ve been training for 5 years, I look the same. But I definitely feel different since only eating healthy. (Can’t really explain how, but it’s an inside feeling).

My friend, who is working on loosing weight… You can tell and see the different. She provided me with a before and after picture:


It’s amazing! The miss is doing her thing, and the diet really did help.
Advise: If you are trying to loose weight or get fit, you need to find a diet that suits you. I must admit that I had a hard time eating fish and vegetable 7 days a week! Some days, I just had to have that big fat burger with extra cheese 🙂


One comment on “Get healthy with me, the results

  1. Hosnia
    June 12, 2014

    Det lyder rigtig godt søde 🙂

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