Get the look, summer make-up

Let’s talk summer make-up ladies! I’m going to take you through my summer make-up routine, meaning; what I do EVERYDAY!

When it’s hot outside, I don’t like the feeling of lots of make-up on my face, it’s like wearing too much clothes in summer… No, summer equals less!


After washing face and moisturising my face:
1. I spray number 1, and let it dry for a few minutes, this helps make-up to stay on longer and gives a clean glow. You can put it when you are done doing your make-up, but I prefer in the beginning.
2. CONCEALER number 2 under my eyes so I don’t look tired, and I put some of it in my forehead, bridge of my nose just to highlight my face.
3. I shape my eyebrow, and use concealer number 3 to shape/clean it so it looks more like I want. Right now I’m into big brows, just because I’m in the mood.
4. I use Powder number 4 all over my face,
5. Mascara
6. Blush number 6


That’s what I do daily.

Number 4 is both foundation and powder, you actually only need to use it alone, but I occasionally add powder number 5 on top, I feel like doing that, gives my face more glow and colour.
For night look, after spraying 1, I put on foundation 0, and instead of 4 I use powder 5, after blush 6 I use gold deposit 7 on my cheekbones to highlight even more.

All my make-products are from mac, but you can find the same products in other brands for less money.


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