cleaning up your life

Hey ladies! … And gentlemen.

I’ve missed writing to you guys. The reason is that I myself haven’t been feeling fabulous lately. I’ve gained some weight that I desperately been trying to loose, but I haven’t lost all of it yet, so I can’t fit my clothes. Not fitting my clothes has been really hard for me, I wasn’t confident in the temporary clothes that I was wearing because they were not that nice. I was waiting to loose the weight to be fabulous again, until I realised the harm that was doing to my self esteem. You’ll think not fitting my clothes was the only problem, but nooo… my face was breaking out like crazy, maybe it was from all the stress!

One day I decided that I was tired of feeling sorry for myself, since loosing the weight wasn’t going as fast as I would like it to go, I was now going to work with what I’ve got.

1. Clean my skin

2. Get new clothes

3. Loose the negativities in my life 

Cleaning my skin was actually easier than I thought. I was watching “The face UK”, where Naomi Campbell told the girls to drink lots of water because that would help their skin, so I started drinking LOTS of water. At least 2l a day. Yes! Water did the magic.

Instead of struggling with the non fabulousness, I bought new clothes. I was normally using jeans EU size 24, now I’m using size 25… Which is actually not that bad, and I’m loving the curves!!

The last step is actually what I felt was the easiest one. We all have these friendemies that always have something to say about you. They love pointing out your imperfections, because let’s face it that’s the only way they would feel better about themselves. If a girlfriend(s) has constantly the need to compare herself to you, putting you down, counting your “flaws”, it’s because she’s intimidated by you. By doing that, it makes her feel better. What do you do? Pull yourself away! Don’t let the negativity effect your life!

It’s not only girlfriends that tries to pull you down, what if it’s a boyfriend? Listen, if your boyfriend feels the need to comment on your weight, your eating, how many times you go to the gym, your clothes, your walk, your hair, your teeth and etc.. Dump his behind! He doesn’t not have the right, unless he looks like an Adonis (Which btw is impossible!) and you look like a “girl get your life” mess! If not? Than he better SHUT! I’m sure his past girlfriends aren’t even half of what you are and his future ones aren’t going to be either! Do not feel insecure over his insecurity… He’s not worth it!

The most important thing to remember is; If you are trying to make some changes in your life, make them for you! Because the change will make you a happier person, don’t do it because everyone else have an opinion about you but because you and only you have decided to do so!

Yeeea… I’m still trying to loose the weight because I want to, I’ll let you know when I reach my goals. In the mean time, you can look forward to be reading from me every week! 😉

If you are interested in the outfit!

Dress: Mango

Shoes: London Rebel 

Necklace: Mango

Hat: Pimkie

Ring: My mums closet

Stay fabulous 💋 


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