5 ways to use lemon

  As skincare  


  1. Lemon
  2. lukewarm water
  3. Clean towel
  4. Face cream


  • Clean your face off
  • Take half of the lemon and scrub it on your face, leave it for a moment.
  • Deep the clean towel in the lukewarm water, sat it on your face, leave it on until the water get cold.
  • Wipe off the lemon with the towel
  • Put on some face cream, your face is now smooth as a baby butt 😊

As mouth care 

Ingredients :

  1. Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  2. Hot tea or just hot water
  3. Sugar (optional)


  • Mix the tea/hot water with the lemon juice to drink. Drink the mix and do this repeatedly, this is good for you breath. 

Click here to see the lemon juice mixture for teeth whitening.

As detox:


  1. A whole lemon cut in small pieces 
  2. Water
  3. Other fruits: strawberries, kiwi etc. (optional)


  • Put the fruits and water in a pitcher
  • Leave it in the refrigerator until it’s cold. Drink this repeatedly, daily if possible to detox your body. Feel the difference a already after a week.

As body hygiene:


  1. Whole body shampoo
  2. Whole lemon cut in two
  3. A shower


  • Wash yourself with the body shampoo first
  • Take the lemon, scrub it on under your arms, your private parts. (Scrub real good)
  • Wash off. Now you’re smelling really good and fresh, and will not even need a deodorant or parfume. 😉 true story!


As a hair condition:


  1. Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  2. Sugar (optional)

Mix the two


  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Put the mixture or just the lemon juice in your hair, leave for 10 minutes. Wash off… Now your hair is shiny and smells so good!


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