As a woman you need to have good hygiene. Having good hygiene doesn’t mean spending lots of money and many hours on it, it’s actually very simple daily routines and habits that will keep your hygiene level on 10. Here are a few easy steps that are very helpful for to improve and keep hygiene on check.

  • Showering every day 

Yeah, this one is the obvious and probably the most important, but as a lady you need that shower everyday and you need to do it properly. Sometimes it’s necessary to shower twice a day: in the morning before living the house, and before going to bed. Doing the quicky each morning isn’t just good enough for women, we need the minimum 30 minutes long shower. Personally, I do a quicky in the morning because I don’t have much time and the long one in the evening. Using shampoo/soap and a shower brush/glove to scrub the body with.



  • Washing your panties in shower

Reusing your panties is not very hygienic, yes you need a fresh and clean one every day! Unless you have a bunch of them or unless you do laundry every day; than you need to wash the used one while showering. This way you’ll never run out of clean panties. 

  • Using deodorant 

Using deodorant helps to prevent you from sweating a lot and also prevent the sweat from smelling bad.  

  • Using tampons instead of pads

Basically tampons are more hygienic than pads. It keeps you from smelling bad and keeps you clean down there. 

  • Less makeup on

Unless you wake up 2 hours before heading out, than using less makeup in the morning is a better option. When you use layers of makeup on every day basis, it can make you appear dirty especially when it’s applied too quickly and not properly. Mascara and lipgloss is definitely more.


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