7 beauty trends that need to be left alone

We’ve had some trends that definitely were good and we’ve enjoyed some of them until now… It’s time to let them REST IN PEACE!

Pictures: left/up = R.I.P, right/down = good!

1. The side-shave: Don’t shave the side of your hair, instead tuck one side behind your ear for a sleek and cool look.


2. Forced waves: Really done-up hair doesn’t look effortless. Lose the hair products and the curling iron, use instead the flat iron to create an effortless look.


5. Bright hair color: Purple, green etc. has had it’s reign, but now it’s all about the shades that mimic almost- the natural shades of hair.

6. Ombré: R.I.P ombré. A natural, sun-kissed finish that looks like it’s grown off your head is now the way to color your hair.

3. Noticeable contouring and highlight: It’s now time to subtle contouring, sculpt your face to perfection with a more natural look. Lose the 10 shades lighter/darker than your skin tone concealer, the shimmering powder and bronzer, instead use a settled colour for the “I was born like this” look.

4. Sharp brows: The overly filled in, overly cleaned with the 10 shades lighter than your skin tone brows is over. Harsh brows take away the freshness and youthful look, keep it lightly colored and as natural as possible.

7. 3-D nail art: It’s time to leave the super blinged 3-D nails to rest! The shape that mimics the natural cuticles of your nails is definitely the way to go, and simple colour will most definitely do the trick.  

In conclusion, the less you do the better 😉


6 comments on “7 beauty trends that need to be left alone

  1. V
    May 14, 2015

    Must agree with all these. I never liked the partially shaved head, and I thought it went out of style years ago

    • naobellevie
      May 14, 2015

      True! That one died back in 08/09… But still getting abused to this day! 😏

  2. atkokosplace
    May 14, 2015

    Less is best! Great post!

  3. Style Domination
    June 4, 2015

    Ugh – the bad ombré and hideous nail art have got to go!

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