7 steps to perfect summer makeup

Summertime is finally here! Yes! So happy, definitely my favourite season. It’s the season of feeling free, beautiful, own your feminity and be sexy at your worst!

The big question is, can you wear makeup in summer? I had this discussion with my friend and she said no, because it’s to hot and what not… I was like… Hell yes! Of course summer is the time to wear makeup, put on a lipstick that matches your cute summer dress and just be girly and feminine.

But you want to be careful and not wear too much of everything, all you need is just a little bit of everything to enhance your futures.

7 steps to the perfect summer look (My routine)

1. I fix my eyebrows

2. I put on Mac “Prep and primer zone treatment” (on my t-zone)

3. Just a little bit of l’Oreal’s bb cream “nude magic”. to mattefied (if that’s even a word, but you know what I mean 😉) my skin.

4. I put on a little bit foundation (really just a little bit for glow)

5. Powder to set the foundation 

6. Blush to awaken my face (make it come alive)! Yes! Drama!!

7a. (Optional), a colourful eyeliner to make my eyes pop! You are probably thinking a colourful eyeliner? I could never pull that off!! Yes you can!! It’s just getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. You’d be surprised 😉 

8. (Optional) My all time favourite summer lipstick, Herroine from Mac.

I will recommend to do one or the other on 7 and 8, you don’t want it to be too much unless your colourful eyeliner is more of a neutral colour than you can do both, and if you don’t want to use lipstick, lipgloss will do just fine.
This is my look… A perfect daylook for shopping, restaurants and even for cocktails.

 My eyeliner is actually dark green, a neutral colour.



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