6 must have beauty habits 

1. Light make-up: try always to use less make-up, unless you are going to the party of the year. Because not only heavy make-up looks very unnatural, but it’s also bad for your skin. Clogging your pores with thick foundation and concealer, will eventually make your skin look tired, dull and greasy, and it will cause breakouts. You don’t want that…

2. Never overdo the Lips and Eyes at the Same Time: overdoing both lips and eyes makes the entire look be off balance. Choose to make a statement on one or the other.

3. Always wash your make-up off before bed: no matter how tired you are after a long night out, try always to remove your make-up, so your pores can breathe.

4. Test the make-up before buying: it’s very important to try your make-up before buying so you can see if it suits you/looks great on you/your skin tone.

5. Use face scrubs and masks: Dirt and dead skin cells on top of your skin causes dull skin and breakouts. Using scrubs and masks once a week (scrub 2 times a month, mask 2 times a month) helps to get rid of the dirt regular cleaner can’t get rid off, and it helps shrinking your pores.

6. Clarifying your hair every now and then: sometimes using the perfect shampoo doesn’t work. Clarifying your hair once and a while with a difference clarifying product might be exactly what the hair need.


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