10 steps on how to be more attractive


Here are ten attractive features that every man keeps in mind when it comes to deciding if a woman (that is to say, you) sitting at the dinner table from him on a first date, is wifey material or just a girl to “kick it with”:

1. confidence, Nothing is sexier for a guy than a girl that is confident and is comfortable in her own skin. If you are guilty of lines like: “Do I look fat in this dress?” STOP IT!! If you constantly have the need to be reassured by him that you are beautiful, he is going to be wondering.

2. Intelligence, Acting like a bimbo gets old after high-school. Men want a woman that can stand by him, hold her own and represent him. A girl that can have an intelligent conversation with his family or friends. So, be the intelligent and savvy woman that you are.  For him, it is a total power.

3. Unmaterialistic,Yes, he wants to be your knight in shining armor and he wants to treat you as the princess you are. But that does not give you the right to be a gold digger, nor the right to act like a spoiled princess.  Allow him to surprise you with romantic dinners, gifts etc. without you asking for it. It is both a relief and a motivation for him to know that he’s not doing it by force, but by his own free will.

4, Spontaneity, Don’t be so caught up into your Friday night dinner dates that you forget to be a bit spontaneous ever now and then, and put something together. Remember NOT to lose the “beginning” of when you guys began to date. It’s very important. Men love girls that can do things spur-of-the-moment!

5. Laid-back, Be relaxed about it all! Men love women who are just relaxed! It can be about anything. Have a beer, enjoy football with him, and PRETEND to love it! (I’ll never drink a beer, but a glass of chardonnay will do just fine!)

6. Playfulness, Don’t be too serious! It’s as simple as that! Laugh about his/your bad jokes and be playful. That will make it a joy and easy to be around you.

7. Sensuality, It is very important to know that it’s not all about your looks! (Although it’s a very good start for some men), but it’s your looks that are going to draw the attention when you enter the room. Embrace your femininity! Drop the sweat suits and take that extra 10 minutes to put yourself together. Drop the granny panties and get some of that Victoria secret thing, and some sexy night dresses. I’m not saying you should go to bed looking like the girls in the movies, but…. Look good! Most important girls, DROP the sneakers, especially when they look like your mans – just saying!

8. Honesty, If he can’t trust you, how can he see you as his woman? Be an open book.

9. Independence, No man wants a woman who’s not independent. Take charge and be your own women! Men do not like the type of women he has to call every 5 minutes.

10. Support, It’s a cliché, but every men wants to be the guardian … but even the strongest men want a place they can call “home”.  Meaning:  a place to fall. He wants to know you support him in whatever he does or decides. It can be a career change, or something women just don’t understand like Chelsea vs Manchester…



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