5 fall makeup trends


1. Thick eyebrows:

Thick eyebrows equals youthful face! That’s a plus for us “elders”. Now, to obtain the best result you need to use: pencil, brow jel and powder. Those 3 things will give the the perfect eyebrows.

2. Matte skin:

This one is a bit tricky, you don’t want to look ashy or dry. The thing is, after your foundation routine you need to use white powder to set your face. White powder gives you a perfect matte skin without looking too dry.

3. Dark neutral eyeshadow:

Use neutral eyeshadow, but add shim and metallic to really make it pop.

4. Dark bold lips: 

Dark blue, black, brown, burgundy lipsticks… You name it!! You can go as dark and as bold as you wish!! 

5. Lush lashes:

Big, bold, looong lashes… You really want to make a statement with this.
  I have on brown eyeshadow ( sorry you can see that) and my lipstick is a mix of everything. Mac D for danger, Mac sin, Mac studded kiss and many more that I can’t remember (including eyeshadows, it’s hard obtaining perfect lips.)


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