10 beauty must haves every woman should have 

With so many beauty products out there, it can be very hard to select the must haves and the waste of money. Here is my list of the 10 must haves beauty items. 

1. Red lipstick

Red lipstick brings out the fierce in you. When you have a day, or when you feel like you can take on the world, in whatever mood you are, red lipstick will do it! 

2. Lip balm

Dry lips is just a no no no go! Lip balm should be your best friend! 

3. Blush

Blush is an instant face fresher. It lightens the face, and gives you that instant glow.

4. Mascara

Whenever you don’t feel like doing much to your face, or whenever you feel like being bold. You can put as much as you want to make your eyes pop, of you can put just a little bit to wakened you up.


5. BB cream

BB cream is great! In the morning when you want that fast glow without the trouble and heaviness  of the foundation, BB cream is your cream!


6. Concealer

Concealer covers all your blemishes, pimples, and dark circles under the eyes. A concealer is an ultimate skin imperfections fast cover up.


7. Tweezers

It’s very important to have eyebrows on point, because it frames your face and gives you the shape.


8. Brow comb

Because you need to comb your brows to place, messy eyebrows equals messy life.


9. Face cream 

Moisturising your face daily is just as important as eating everyday! Moisturising your face helps to slow down the wrinkles, you look younger and fresher.


10. Face wipes

Do not go to sleep with your makeup on! Face wipes is good, when you are so tired and nod feeling like going through all the process of removing your makeup, face wipes comes to handy.



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