Sephora beauty amplifier

Hey beauties,

I’m back with a review of a new setting spray I’m using now. I was using Mac fix plus, when it finished I decided to try something new and less expensive so I got Sephora beauty amplifier.

I decided to pick this up and try it out after reading some of the good review online.

Overall, I do like this spray, though with a few problems. I’ll do the cons first than the pros.


1. It takes a long time to dry, which can be a problem if you are in a hurry. I suggest just one spray to get it to dry a bit quicker.

2. Makes my mascara run, this is a big problem for me. I don’t spray more than once and from a distance, but still it makes my mascara run. So what I do is put mascara after I have sprayed.

3. Gets very shiny and oily, if you have oily skin this will make you shine like the sun! 


1. This bottle has the best spray nasal ever, it sprays easily and evenly. 

2. Works as a primer because of it’s sticky and heavy texture, the foundation sticks to it very well.

3. Hydrating, it doesn’t dry out your skin. It keeps you hydrated the entire day.

4. Long lasting,

5. Amazing scent

6. This is the best one, You can’t go wrong with the price. To be quite honest with you guys, I won’t be changing my setting spray anytime soon. I used to use high end brands and they also had many of the same problems as this one, so I rather pay less for the problems.

Final thoughts and advice, this spray works very well as a primer for oily skin because of it’s sticky and heavy texture, the foundation sticks to it but overall I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. (Although I use it myself and I have oily skin.) I make it work by setting my face with a oil control powder AFTER the spraying, that way I get the glow without risking looking like the sun within one hour.

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4 comments on “Sephora beauty amplifier

  1. Riya Solanki
    April 5, 2017


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  3. Meza Mtshali
    April 7, 2017

    Loved your post

    • Naobelle
      April 7, 2017

      Thank you very much, I appreciate it 😊

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