3 life changing Tweezing tips

Tweezing eyebrows is very painful, but we have to do it, to shape our face so we can look fierce!

I have a life changing tip, that will change your tweezing game for … Wait for it … (Barney from how I met your mother) … ever! Forever.

1. First, you need to get a really good tweezer, it doesn’t have to be expensive… Just a good one. 

1. Soften your skin with cotton ball or towel soaked in warm water before tweezing. This will help the hair to slip easily, it will hurt less (Or you can use cream to soften your skin)

3. You need to pull out the hairs in same direction of their growth, this will be less painful and hairs will come out much easier and clean.

Ta ta taaaa…  


Ps: My eyebrows are done permanently, I’ll do an article about it πŸ™‚ 



2 comments on “3 life changing Tweezing tips

  1. Isabelle
    April 3, 2016

    Great post lovely, these are some really good tips πŸ’•

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