How to save money on makeup

Hey beauties, 

Makeup are really expensive, and I personally like to mixed it up, from high end brands (Although I don’t own anything Chanel, Dior, YSL or anything like that, I feel like with these brands you pay more for the name/brand than the actual quality) to nameless brands.

Here are some tips on how you can have everything without breaking the bank.

  • Buy things from eBay/Amazon, Did you know that you can get really good no name products from eBay and Amazon for little no money

1. Eyebrow pencil, I’m going to let you in on a secret, I have been using eyebrow pencil from eBay since I can remember, it costs like only 2 dollar and it gets the job done perfectly!

2. Lipliner, I’ve been trying this for only a couple of months now and tbh with you, I’m loving it! I prochessed 3 colours, red, purple and brown. I’m very satisfied with purple and red, though I feel like brown doesn’t do me any good and I honestly think it’s because of my lip colour, but I’m not going to let it go to waste, so I just use it to my eyebrows.

3. Brushes, I can swear that never ever have I ever bought makeup brushes in a store. All the brushes (and sponges) I use, I’ve always gotten them from eBay. 

At the moment I’m using these ones, from left to right: foundation, blush, concealer, powder and eyeshadow’s. 

4. And eyelashes too, tbh I really don’t feel like paying 20 dollar for one pair of eyelashes when I can get 20 pairs of perfectly good eyelashes for 2 dollars.

I like my eyelashes not too thick/heavy, so these are the ones that I use.

    And everything mentioned above are made in China anyway, no matter what the brand is. They make you pay more because of the brand’s name, taxes and profit… 

    • Multiple fonction use: let me explain this to you, I have this contour kit from sleek (I love it btw), I use the same kit as eyeshadow as well. The contour powder to my crease and the highlighter to my lid. You can also use your eyeshadow to contour and highlight, you really don’t have to buy different products for different things when 1 is enough.
    • Buy affordable brands: there’s lot of affordable brands out there that are just as good as the expensive ones. Sleek, nyx, e.l.f, wet n wild just to name a few…

    The things I wouldn’t by on eBay is products for my face and eyes, like foundation, cream, powder, blush, mascara and eyeliner. I’m sure you can get good product too, but I’m not taking any chances with my face or eyes! For my face I use Mac and urban decay, and l’oreal or rimmel London for mascara. 

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      November 11, 2014

      what’s the name?

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